The Railstars Advantage


  • Intuitive User Interfaces
  • Plain English Instructions
  • Simplified Installation
  • Fewer Components


  • NMRAnet Control Bus
  • User Upgradable Firmware
  • True Plug-And-Play Capabilities
  • Advanced Displays

Open Design

  • No Closed or Proprietary Protocols
  • OpenLCB / NMRAnet for Layout Control
  • DCC for Locomotive Control
  • Open Source Hardware and Software Available
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End Your Frustration

Frustrated? You’re not alone. Most digital control systems on the market today promise ease of use and simplicity, but in reality overwhelm with technical details and complexity. Here’s some “features” Railstars won’t offer:

  • Indecipherable Documentation
  • Cryptic User Interfaces
  • Arcane Configuration Tables
  • Meaningless Addresses
  • Limited Upgradability
  • Artificially Limited Starter Sets
  • Incompatibility
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The Railstars System

The Railstars Digital Control System comprises three components, each of which performs a specific function:


Digital Command Station (DCS)

  • Talks to DCC-Equipped Rolling Stock
  • Also Communicates With DCC-Equipped Turnouts and Signals
  • Provides Database of Rolling Stock Features
  • Transparent to User
  • Northern Star DCS Coming Soon!

Power Station (Booster)

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